SBG Zymes - 5 enzymes plus wild blue green algae

Don't dine without Enzymes!

Unlock those nutrients

Our original formula enzymes contain a combination of natural food enzymes to help break down all types of foods (fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber) for improved digestion and optimal nutrition.

Why is enzyme supplementation necessary?

First, today's diets rely heavily on cooked and processed foods. Unfortunately, cooking and processing methods often kill the enzymes in foods. Even when foods are consumed in their raw form, they are rarely backyard-garden fresh. Modern lifestyles have created a virtually universal need for food enzymes.

Second, digestion requires energy...lots of it. And the more energy it takes to digest food, the less that's available for other physical and mental activities. Digestion of enzyme deficient food is especially hard on the body, sapping its natural vitality and feelings of well being. But with enzymes, you can optimize the nutritional value received from food. And you don't deplete your reservoir of metabolic enzymes that should be used to maintain body strength, immunity and other important functions.

A Word About Enzymes

Even with the most sound diet, the body does not benefit until nutrients are unlocked and absorbed from food that is consumed. Unfortunately, in today's highly processed foods many of the enzymes the body depends on for effective digestion have been destroyed. That's why it is so important to provide the body with vital enzymes. Natural miracles of miniature engineering, enzymes are critical to the proper functioning of everything from breathing to thinking to circulating the blood. The metabolic enzymes present in every cell, tissue and organ in the body are responsible for every chemical reaction associated with the metabolism of the body. Digestive enzymes are manufactured and secreted by the body. We also get enzymes from raw foods, which we refer to as food enzymes. Food enzymes work together with the body's digestive enzymes - without an abundant supply of both, digestion can be severely impaired.

We also have SBG Zymes Plus which has 12 active enzymes plus wild blue green algae, fennel, ginger, cayenne.


  • Helps to unlock more nutrients from your food
  • Helps to digest fats, carbohydrates, protein and fiber
  • Helps to maintains your energy after meals
  • Each capsule is micro-blended with 25 mg of Wild blue green algae - Alpha Sun
  • 5 plant based enzymes: Amylase (Starch), Protease (Protein), Lipase (Fat), Cellulase (Fiber), and Lactase (Dairy)
  • Vegetarian capsules & Kosher


Amylase 2000 DU
Protease 8000 HUT
Lipase 18 LU
Cellulase 20 CU
Lactase 750 ALU
Wild Blue Green Alage
Alpha Sun
50 mg
Serving size 2 capsules
Vegetarian capsules 180

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